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Website Hosting

Fast & Secure Web Hosting

When you have a website, it needs to be ‘hosted’ somewhere – this is essentially space you rent on a server, similar to how you would lease a shop or office space. Hosting with Insight offers even more than that.

A good host is vital to your website – and your business. A good host reacts quickly to any problems to minimise the impact of costly downtime.

There’s also the ability to scale up, without restrictive space quotas, and the reassurance that your website is safe and secure for your visitors.

Web Hosting
Our website care plan

Our website care plan

When you host your website with Insight’s superfast SSD server, we guarantee that the speed, performance, reliability and security of your website is in the best possible hands – at all times.

A number of features are included in our hosting packages which enable you to get on with running your business, with the assurance that your website is being looked after by a top team of multi-skilled experts.

Why Choose Webarts' Hosting Solution?

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Enhanced Security

Webarts’s SSD servers have been made up of durable microchips that are less prone to mechanical faults. Most SSD web hosting companies integrated the dual firewall system and powerful hack scan protection to prevent virus attacks.


Improved Speed & Durability

Webarts’s SSD WordPress Hosting will help increase your website performance exponentially. This is especially important if you’re running a database-intensive e-commerce cart or a static HTML site


Backup & Monitoring

With WebServer SSD WordPress Hosting, clients will be provided with daily backup for full retrieval of data should there be attacks or hit of disaster. Run a business, and drive profit to your brand, worry-free with our hosting web service.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hosting do you offer?

We offer both WordPress websites and email hosting.

What happens if something goes wrong with my website?

If something goes wrong with your website, we will undertake a full investigation to establish the cause of the issue. If the issue has been caused by our work on your site, we will endeavor to remedy this as soon as possible. If the issue has been caused by any third party, we will inform the client of this and work out the best way forward.

How many emails can I have with my hosting package?

You can have up to 100 emails registered to your account insofar as you do not exceed your data allowance of 10GB.

Do I have to pay extra for email accounts?

No, the emails are included with your hosting package.

What is the length of your contract?

We normally offer a one-month rolling contract unless otherwise requested by the client.